Portland, Oregon based artist Joseph Boquiren has been drawing for much of his life. When he was a kid, he would read comic books and then create his own. As he continued to draw, he found interest in historic structures and bridges leading to an architectural degree and work with the Historic American Building Survey and the Historic American Engineering Record. These drawings archived at the Library of Congress not only save an essential piece of history but also showcase Joseph’s technical skills. These days if he’s not on a unicycle, bike, or speedskates, you’ll find him doing technical illustrations, 3D modeling, graphic novels, sketching of architecture, travels, dogs, people, and more.

Joseph contributed artwork for the following published works:
Historic American Engineering Record drawings for the Broadway Bridge and Egypt Pike Bridge on record at the Library of Congress
The Portland Bridge Book by Sharon Wood Wortman with Ed Wortman
Cover art for Walking Bridges Using Poetry as a Compass: Poems about Bridges Real and Imagined by 70 Poets, with Directions for Five Self-Guided Explorations edited by Sharon Wood Wortman and Kristen Rian
Relax into yoga for Chronic pain by Carson, Carson and Krucoff

Portland Community Cycling Center
OHSU Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation
Cross Time Publishing
Errol Graphics
Private commissions